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Will Best Buy and Geek Squad survive the Wikileaks disclosure of illegally working with the FBI?

Written by Julianne Duffy

With each Wiki leaks dump of information the hidden agendas of what has really been going on behind the scenes are starting to come to light.   We should not be surprised about what we find out in these data dumps.  

A recent wiki leak disclosure outed Best Buy's Geek Squad employees as being trained FBI agents working closely with the FBI to spy illegally on thousands if not millions of Best Buy/Geek Squad customers.  

First and foremost EVERY consumer should be extremely concerned, no matter if you have something to hide or not. This breaks the unspoken trust we as consumers have had with technology companies.   You the consumer pay the company to fix a problem.   However in reality, when you hired and paid Geek Squad you paid for more than you bargained for. You the customer paid them to spy on you, steal your information and give it to the FBI to do as they please without a WARRANT. Not to forget that they probably also installed software so the FBI (and any of their alphabetical agencies) can easily access your computer (without having to use their traditional hacking techniques).   Disturbing and unethical, this practice must be exposed.   I foresee the end of Geek Squad if not also Best Buy.  How can they ever regain the trust of their customers?  To stay up-to-date on this case or to find out more about the upcoming lawsuits check out this article  Why We're Suing the FBI for Records About Best Buy Geek Squad Informants

If you have used Geek Squad it is more than time for a change.  Next time you need your technology to be fixed remember Nerds On Site consists of local self-employed technicians that NEVER sell or give your information to ANY partner, organization, government, government agency or person.  They are here for you, not big brother.


Lawsuit: FBI Spied on Best Buy Customers With 'Geek Squad' Moles


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