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Technology Phone Scams Are Still On the Rise!!

Julianne Duffy - Nerds On Site Calgary

We wanted to highlight the phone scams that are currently going around. It is very important to pass on this knowledge to all your friends and family to help save them from being a victim of these awful crimes. Phone scams are on the rise and are not likely to stop anytime soon.   

Important things to remember:

#1.  Unless you PAY for a service to monitor your PC, Mac or Server NOBODY can tell if you have a virus or any other software or hardware problem on your computer without you contacting them first.

#2.  If you call Nerds On Site or any other IT Service and ask them to help you with a computer issue that should be the ONLY time you allow someone to remotely access your computer.   This should ALWAYS be initiated by you the customer, you will never have a reputable IT Company initiate the call.

#3.  If you have never heard of them or know them DO NOT give them ANY of your personal information especially credit card information.  If you have someone call and it sounds good, always take their number and research to make sure they are a legitimate business. This is VERY important when dealing with someone that says they are calling on behalf of a Financial Institution, call your local branch or their Customer Service Number.  This information can be cross referenced and easily be found online by searching the company.   Finally always remember to cross check the business on the Better Business Bureau website. 

We hear many horror stories of these scams, use your common sense and ask questions.  If it seems a little off, do your due-diligence and check out the company.

Recently a Nerd in Ontario sent out the email about a newer version of this scam that happened to one of their customers.....

"Hey everyone. I'm sure you most if not all of you know about the scam calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft...... I just had a call not too long ago from this message that they received a call from "PC Solution" stating that the security of their computer has been compromised and needed to update it.

Looks like they are not using just only Microsoft as more people are becoming aware of them.

The client said the number came out of New York in the USA. They all use use a website "" to get the clients info. (Note a spelling mistake at the top right of the form). This clearly would be a sign to the trained eye that this is not legit.

...IT companies will not call you to have service on their computers unless the client themselves have requested it."  Nerds On Site, Kevin Pixie.  

Always ask questions and if you have any concerns with your technology or any calls you may receive regarding your technology, Contact Nerds On Site Calgary.  We are more than happy to review your issue and advise you on the best way to take care of your situation.


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